July 20th, 2020




All files are public (except personal post which only me can read)
99.9% ARASHI, 0.1% ME
I love Arashi
Esp. Ohno Satoshi
Anything i can't post on my main blog will be posted here.
Mostly Ohno Satoshi's Picture.
I don't know who to add but i don't mind adding me as a friend and thank you.
I'm not SNOB,it just that sometimes i really forgot to reply on Comments and Messages. But i assure you, i read all of them and thank you very much~!
I'm not selfish with my work,it's okay to share but NO HOTLINK/S, RE-UPLOADING or REPOSTING of links. You can link back on the entry.
Do not post link/s outside Livejournal.
♐ GIVE CREDIT in anything you'll be taking out of here ESPECIALLY the original post.
Simple Thank You makes me happy.
Enjoy my LJ and please Respect.

Important Note: Entries with downloading links will be close after a week (or 2) after it published. And don't share the links,please!! That's all i ask.

I took a lot of TIME and EFFORT researching and posting what's inside this journal. All i'm asking is please RESPECT. Thank you.

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